Home Warranty

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, we are here to help address questions and concerns.

A one-year warranty covers all aspects of your new house up to 30 days prior to your anniversary date. You may submit a one-year warranty form only once so it’s vital that you cover as much as possible. Call us and we can help with a detailed inspection.

A Warranty Inspection on your new home by Accurate Inspections will include an overall review and analysis of your home including an extensive computer generated report with photos before your builder is off the hook. Once your builder’s warranty expires, any unresolved issues become your problem. So, you should get a Warranty Inspection, that way you can have a happy anniversary on your new home with your builder taking care of any issues, including all minor deficiencies and especially major deficiencies on your home if they exist. If no major issues exist you have the peace of mind to know that there are no major problems of concern.


Up to 2000 sq. foot Home


2501 - 3000 sq. foot Home


2001 - 2500 sq. foot Home


over 300sq. foot Home

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A home inspection is intended to help you determine the overall condition of the home you are purchasing. Inspections are conducted and reported based on the visual observation of the home at the time of the inspection. An inspection is intended to give you a general idea of the performance of the mechanical components and structure of the home.

A home inspection will not reveal every deficiency that may exist, or that could ever arise.

As your Home Inspector we are trained to identify, problemmatic issues and symptoms of such issues. We may recommend a solutions or improvements or refer you to a field specialist.

Other Services

  • Termite add on $75.00
  • Termite only inspection $100.00
  • Radon monitoring 48-hour test $125.00
  • Septic Inspection $245.00
  • Lagoon Inspection $175.00
  • Water Sample $75.00

Your report will be emailed to you and your agent within 36 hours of inspection completion.

As your Home Inspector, we are trained to identify, problematic issues and symptoms of such issues. We may recommend solutions or improvements or refer you to a field specialist.