About Me

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, we are here to help address questions and concerns.

Jeff Green, Owner

Certified Home Inspector

I am a life-long resident of California, Missouri.  I enjoy the home construction business and have renovated several homes myself.  I know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments people make.  I want to help them have the peace of mind that the home they are buying is safe and sound. In my free time, I enjoy being around friends and family bar-b-queing and serving my community.

Request an Inspection online or give me a call at 573-291-6183

We use technology to enhance the inspection

The need to be able to see in areas that are difficult or impossible to access by a human is an inspectors job.   With our custom built inspection robot, we can get into almost any tight area. This robot has a wireless camera with a pan-and-tilt system that can be controlled remotely to reach these tight spaces.  A video is captured and reviewed to find any issue that might need to be addressed.

As your Home Inspector, we are trained to identify, problematic issues and symptoms of such issues. We may recommend solutions or improvements or refer you to a field specialist.